Obsession of Arch Linux


Lately, i have been jumping from a distro to another, settled with Ubuntu for a while, but the unsatisfaction of its performance and the many bugs made me miss the old days of arch linux, that beloved distro that i couldn’t forgot. Without any hesitation i backed up my data and installed a fresh arch linux 2013 version. I don’t like arch linux for just being rolling release, the simplicity yet stability plays a minor role in the love relationship between me and arch linux. Despite people saying that dpkg is the best package manager out there, i have endless love for pacman “Package manager of arch linux”. Worth saying that without arch linux i wouldn’t have gained that experience and troubles i have faced, Arch linux builds a strong linux user not just a hobbie. My obsession to arch linux makes me always miss it and remove any other distros on my pc. Arch Linux rocks ! what’s your story with arch linux ?


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