Deadly Doubts


Things have become a mess, i cannot take control anymore. I think i am treating people very bad, i have fallen so low. I think its better to stay alone and imprisoned till i get better. The problem lies in my mind, i always think about “who am i to someone?” and it becomes so confusing when persons start to treat you differently from time to time, it cracks my mind and destroys my thoughts.

Now about the manners, what makes other people look better or decent than me ? is it because i am angry ? or because i am not social enough ? another question that is going inside my mind: why people don’t see their mistakes and only discuss mine ? is it because i always apologize when i do something wrong, or is it because of their arrogance ?

The real issue that is going on, is somebody there ? do you really care ? or is it just a word with no action. Its funny that a friend of mine said he forgive me “he can’t see that he did mistake too” but anyway he doesn’t care anymore, no actions were taken to fix what has been broken, anyway now i know it isn’t meant for me to blend with people and have a life full of lies with them. I want to disappear from their lives, those who care will not stop searching for me, they will not stop giving me a helping hand.


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