Evernote ?


That might sound pretty weird, but evernote made me change my mind about buying a smart phone, now i want to buy a tablet ! just to be able to use evernote perfectly in much nicer and larger screen.

I am thinking between ipad4 “which will make opensource people hate me”, ipad mini, nexus 7, note 8. why iOs? actually just because i found that it has better and nicer applications. I am thinking of a 10″ tablet but people keep advising me to have the 7 or 8, so what do you think? which tablet do you recommend and why?

So what is evernote ?

check out this video “image worth 1000 words” https://evernote.com/video/

How can i use it ?

This “Getting Started” tutorial should be a good start to know your way around.


2 thoughts on “Evernote ?

  1. Don’t listen to these people,because they probably don’t have one ^_^ ……… iPad is excellent choice,and although I’m open source fanatic,but If I were you,I’d buy iPad

    My reason : The applications ! ,if you need something form android, I think you have a smartphone with android which you can modify easily

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