Hello GNOME !


It has been a pleasure to work with gnomers on projects like gnome-clocks or gnome-music. At first i worked on gnome-clocks, basically alarms and stopwatch, it helped me strengthen my python and bitter understand for Gtk+. After that i applied for gnome foundation membership and i got accepted. I took a rest for a while then i started gnome-music from scratch with Seif Lotfy in javascript, it was the first time for me to write code in js, also it was harder to understand that it works with Gtk+, so my gnome-teacher code was my teacher, i read through and understood the basic stuff, then i went crazy on hacking gnome-music, and here i am. Today i have been accepted in Google Summer of Code 2013 as a GNOME student for gnome-music implementation.

Thanks GNOME 🙂


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