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New theme for the blog

Well, i always believed that white background is better for reading, and it looks simple and suited for a geek, i want to try a new UI, i chose this dark theme, but sadly it depends on images i think, but anyway i am writing this post without an image and let’s see how the new theme will look like. what theme do you prefer, and do recommend light or dark theme ?

Hello GNOME !


It has been a pleasure to work with gnomers on projects like gnome-clocks or gnome-music. At first i worked on gnome-clocks, basically alarms and stopwatch, it helped me strengthen my python and bitter understand for Gtk+. After that i applied for gnome foundation membership and i got accepted. I took a rest for a while then i started gnome-music from scratch with Seif Lotfy in javascript, it was the first time for me to write code in js, also it was harder to understand that it works with Gtk+, so my gnome-teacher code was my teacher, i read through and understood the basic stuff, then i went crazy on hacking gnome-music, and here i am. Today i have been accepted in Google Summer of Code 2013 as a GNOME student for gnome-music implementation.

Thanks GNOME 🙂

How to enable dark theme in Gnome 3


In my opinion, the dark theme in Gnome3 looks neat, just AWESOME, here is how Gnome Music looks on my arch linux after enabling the dark theme. it justs looks cool. For you to do the same for gnome applications you need to install “gnome-tweak-tool“.

To install “gnome-tweak-tool” on ubuntu, open your terminal and do:

  • sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

If you are on arch linux, do:

  • sudo pacman -S gnome-tweak-tool


through gnome-shell or alt+f2 run gnome-tweak-tool, then go to “themes” section on the left, then switch “Enable dark theme for all applications” to be ON. Then you are ready to go, try to run gnome-terminal or any other app. Have Fun 🙂


Evernote ?


That might sound pretty weird, but evernote made me change my mind about buying a smart phone, now i want to buy a tablet ! just to be able to use evernote perfectly in much nicer and larger screen.

I am thinking between ipad4 “which will make opensource people hate me”, ipad mini, nexus 7, note 8. why iOs? actually just because i found that it has better and nicer applications. I am thinking of a 10″ tablet but people keep advising me to have the 7 or 8, so what do you think? which tablet do you recommend and why?

So what is evernote ?

check out this video “image worth 1000 words”

How can i use it ?

This “Getting Started” tutorial should be a good start to know your way around.

Deadly Doubts


Things have become a mess, i cannot take control anymore. I think i am treating people very bad, i have fallen so low. I think its better to stay alone and imprisoned till i get better. The problem lies in my mind, i always think about “who am i to someone?” and it becomes so confusing when persons start to treat you differently from time to time, it cracks my mind and destroys my thoughts.

Now about the manners, what makes other people look better or decent than me ? is it because i am angry ? or because i am not social enough ? another question that is going inside my mind: why people don’t see their mistakes and only discuss mine ? is it because i always apologize when i do something wrong, or is it because of their arrogance ?

The real issue that is going on, is somebody there ? do you really care ? or is it just a word with no action. Its funny that a friend of mine said he forgive me “he can’t see that he did mistake too” but anyway he doesn’t care anymore, no actions were taken to fix what has been broken, anyway now i know it isn’t meant for me to blend with people and have a life full of lies with them. I want to disappear from their lives, those who care will not stop searching for me, they will not stop giving me a helping hand.

Obsession of Arch Linux


Lately, i have been jumping from a distro to another, settled with Ubuntu for a while, but the unsatisfaction of its performance and the many bugs made me miss the old days of arch linux, that beloved distro that i couldn’t forgot. Without any hesitation i backed up my data and installed a fresh arch linux 2013 version. I don’t like arch linux for just being rolling release, the simplicity yet stability plays a minor role in the love relationship between me and arch linux. Despite people saying that dpkg is the best package manager out there, i have endless love for pacman “Package manager of arch linux”. Worth saying that without arch linux i wouldn’t have gained that experience and troubles i have faced, Arch linux builds a strong linux user not just a hobbie. My obsession to arch linux makes me always miss it and remove any other distros on my pc. Arch Linux rocks ! what’s your story with arch linux ?